Montebello Pasta Branding and Package Design

We designed the branding and packaging for Montebello pasta to highlight their artisan approach that creates the great flavor and texture you just can’t get from the usual supermarket brands. The kraft bag with riveted brass closure immediately tells customers – this is no ordinary pasta! The package is unique in the category, pops on … Read More

Chapel Hill Creamery

We designed the branding and packaging design system for Chapel Hill Creamery. Their look expresses the Creamery’s focus on crafting high quality product for their customers, a healthy environment for their animals and their sustainable approach to food production with authenticity and a bit of whimsy.

One with Nature

To launch the One With nature soap brand we created a strong brand personality intended to engage both beauty and natural product shoppers.  The packaging highlights the natural ingredients story, the textures and color palette express the unique nature of the soap and creates a strong visual differentiation from competitors.

Simply Delicious

We created the Simply Delicious brand mark with bold hand lettering balanced with original watercolor art for each flavor. The clear packaging wrap gives a unique, premium look that differentiates Simply Delicious from an ocean of competitors using the same banjo bottle.

Natural Nectar Cookie Thins

Baked for a sophisticated palate, Natural Nectar Cookies Thins feature an eclectic mix of flavor combinations that set these cookies apart. Contrasting the colorful flavor graphics with the matte black background creates a unique look in the cookie set that pops the brand and visualizes the natural flavor appeal, inspiring customers to purchase.