People's Pharmacy Body Care Package Design

The People's Pharmacy

Health & Beauty Package Design

The People’s Pharmacy have been on the air since 1976, building a large audience and a reputation on National Public Radio as a trustworthy and truly independent voice advocating for both consumers and health professionals.

The People’s Pharmacy asked us to redesign their body care product line to broaden it’s appeal to consumers. Building on The People’s Pharmacy trusted brand heritage, our package design system modernizes the People’s Pharmacy packaging to make their product line more inviting and relevant to today’s health and beauty shoppers.

The new brand design is bolder and more colorful, projecting a more contemporary and gender-less aesthetic aimed at appealing equally to women and men.

Their natural ingredient philosophy is visualized with watercolor illustrations showcasing the gentle ingredient formulation and functional benefits of each product. The clean layout with elegant typography signals authenticity and simple formulations that deliver on benefits and the brand promise.

People's Pharmacy Lip Balm Package Design