Casco Bay Creamery

Package Design

We were delighted to help Casco Bay Creamery with package design for their delicious new compound butters and soft cream cheese.

Casco Bay Creamery, a woman-owned company based in Maine, creates the most creamiest, delicious butter and cream cheese made with milk from family farms who treat their cows with respect and do not use growth hormones like rBST.

We extended the original stick butter design to introduce three new small-batch compound butters made with artisanal ingredients in keeping with the brand’s handcrafted and whimsical personality.

When production was brought in-house, Casco Bay Creamery saw the opportunity to update their Cream Cheese packaging with a new container that uses less plastic. We updated the package to convey their small batch production, irresistible flavor, and soft, fluffy spreadability.

Casco Bay Creamery was thrilled to expand their product offering and the new products were enthusiastically received by grocery buyers.

Casco Bay Creamery products can be found at the Portland Co-op, Hannaford Markets and Whole Foods Market in the Northeast.