Environmental Graphic Design

Yes, walls do talk. What do your walls tell your customers and your team members about your company and your brand?

Our EGD work creates a sense of place, helps people find their way, and communicates your companies culture, values and purpose to create a meaningful experience with all user groups.

We work together with architects, interior designers, landscape architects, planners, owners, developers and contractors to create wayfinding systems, branded and interpretive graphics that improve, enhance and enlighten user’s experience

We provide dependable bid documents and construction administration services to ensure your project is faithful to the approved design, on-budget and finished on schedule.

EGD Services

Identity and Brand Communication Incorporating elements of your brand visuals and messaging in graphics and signage that communicate who you are as a company and what you stand for.

Wayfinding A thoughtful wayfinding program serves to visually unifies a site, creating a unique sense of place that reflects the brand’s identity in the environmental form.

Exhibit and Donor Recognition Engaging visitors in interactive participatory experiences that engage, educate and inspire in meaningful ways.

What our clients say about our work…

Nancy Frame Design was the environmental graphics consultant for the Durham Performing Arts Center. This was a very complex project for way finding, and NFD devised a simple elegant plan for signage so that patrons could easily find their way to their seats and amenities. Their designs for the signs are a lovely addition to the building and fit very nicely with the overall aesthetics. Working with Nancy was a pleasure, I would not hesitate to hire her firm again. I am very happy to give NFD my enthusiastic recommendation.

Rhonda Zack, Project Manager/Designer, RND Architects